Cultivating Joyful Growth

We are on a mission to spread joy by enabling hypergrowth, guided by a human-centric approach.

From 2 to 100+ and counting: Our hypergrowth journey

Hitting fresh milestones with each passing day

As word of our expertise spread, the demand for our services skyrocketed, expanding our offerings, clientele, and team. From a humble duo, we blossomed into a team of 50 and then 100 talented individuals, each contributing their brilliance to our shared vision. Today, we proudly serve 250+ clients all over the world with our 4 exceptional brands.

Every day is a canvas for our growth, and we artfully craft your hypergrowth stories upon it.

Meet the architects of Joy Technologies
Samuel Darwin
Co-Founder and CEO

Sam’s extensive experience spanning more than a decade at a major IT and consulting firm served as the foundation for his journey into entrepreneurship. Now, he spearheads Joy’s hypergrowth mission. His unrelenting passion for problem-solving drives him to build companies, products, and services that leave a positive mark on the world.

Daniel Martin
Co-Founder and COO

Dan’s journey started in the aviation industry. Ascending through the ranks, he discovered his true calling in leadership. Presently, he’s devoted to creating empowered, high-achieving teams that master the art of solving complex problems with simple, effective approaches. Collaborating with diverse cultures worldwide fuels his passion for making a global impact.

Footprints of Joy beyond borders

While our team operates from all corners of the world, our offices are located in the US, India, and the Philippines.